8 Best Educational Apps for iPad


The progress of technological innovation has provided us with many useful things. One of its most amazing benefits is the smart devices that have become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Today, e-learning tools play a significant role in allowing us to access abundant knowledge in different fields. The digital education industry is expected to grow to $243 billion by 2022. Now, we have access to millions of tutorials, courses, and videos on any subject; having an iPad makes it more convenient to learn anywhere and anytime.

So here is the ultimate list of the educational apps one can find on iOS.


Do you find it hard to keep up with your professor giving a lecture while taking notes? Do you think that it distracts you from actually listening to the material presented? SoundNote could solve both problems for you.

The app uses the default microphone of the iPad to record the lecture. The trick is, it enables students to add notes where required and connect these to the corresponding parts of the audio file for reference.

The app also allows you to export the recordings, making it possible for you to access the files from anywhere. Remember to always ask your professors’ permission to record their lectures before you start!

Essay Pro

Essay Pro is a writing service that every student needs to know about. Though it is not available on App Store, the website version will run smoothly on the iPad. Essay Pro is essentially a writing app where students can order essays of any type.

The app is useful for quick turnarounds and ordering written academic works to meet tight deadlines.

With professional writers, the platform delivers excellent services to all students in any academic field. Moreover, you can also opt for editing or proofreading done by experts.


Another area where apps have excelled is in helping students learn more efficiently. StudyBlue aims at assisting them by providing all the required study material. Simply put, StudyBlue is a crowdsourced student library where you can create your own niche or share materials.

The app gives access to 400 million flashcards, study guides, and notes made by the student community worldwide. StudyBlue can also be used to set reminders, track progress, and study with your peers.


GoConqr is another awesome revision app for students. This cloud-based learning platform takes learning to a new level and provides other useful resources such as mind maps, flow charts, and notes.

One of the most powerful tools of GoConqr is the online study planner. It helps students set goals and plan their timetable accordingly. It also encourages managing and monitoring the time and effort put in different subjects.

Flashcards are also designed to make the studying process easier with many features such as customizing, hiding, and sharing is available.


This learning management system focuses on assisting the students in preparing for standardized admission tests and other professional assessments.

BenchPrep offers personalized learning experiences for students and could be used across all devices, hence allowing the user to continue where they left on mobiles and laptops.

The app also works in collaboration with top educational publishers and teachers to design the most effective strategies for students. It is extremely useful for those who want to receive tutoring for entrance exams.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been increasingly gaining popularity as an educational app. It has proved to be tremendously useful not just for students but for anyone who wants to learn or master a new skill.

Khan Academy, in substance, is a Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOC) provider with specialized programs targeting many fields.

It gives access to videos, exercises, and a personalized dashboard to keep track of one’s progress. There is also a level system where one can gain more XP based on the courses taken and be awarded with badges. It is a great app that motivates you to learn from additional sources.

iStudiez Pro

Do you find yourself forgetting schedules and missing deadlines? iStudiez Pro is the best student planner app available today for iOS users. It can be the digital hub of your campus life with plenty of features.

Students can create and manage assignments and classes. It is also possible to add notes for each entry. You can choose different viewing settings that automatically sort the tasks by current and completed dashboards.

The next most useful feature is grade tracking, wherein you can enter the scores and the GPA scale. Later, the app will display how you are performing.


7Notes is another brilliant app that features an advanced handwriting recognition software. The app can convert any notes to the text and makes export or storing in cloud storage possible. It works great for the latest generations of iPad where you can scribble notes with the Pen and later convert it into text.

Users can also personalize notes, modify them, and add images. The app has a predictive engine that prompts what you want to write.


Apart from all these, let us not forget that iOS has its own iWork suite that comes with Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes. Those do an excellent job of helping students prepare all kinds of academic assignments.

What these apps have accomplished is beyond amazing and has certainly made the lives of students a lot more manageable.