7 Great Examples of Brands Utilizing Facebook’s Timeline Effectively


As you may or may not know, recently (as of March 30th, 2012 to be exact) Facebook has rolled out its new “Timeline” layout for pages. The advent of the new layout is providing more and more opportunity for brands and businesses to better market their brand on the social network as well as give them a better social presence for marketing.

The new Timeline pages are sleek with big graphical headers and allow for better customization of design elements and unique navigation tweaking showing off the best parts of your company or business.


Here are some of the better Facebook Timeline pages by brands who undoubtedly understand that social media is here to stay, and having a presence is a necessary facet for their marketing strategy.

1. Coca Cola

One of the most popular brand pages on Facebook, Coca-Cola definitely understand how to market effectively with social media and it shows with over 41 million likes.

Coca-Cola Facebook Fanpage

2. Redbull

Another big player in the social media space, Redbull quantifies energy in their Timeline header image showcasing a race car driving butting his fists together similar to the way the Redbull bull’s butt heads in their logo.

Redbull Facebook Fanpage

3. Starbucks

Showcasing their entire team at a company outing, Starbucks focuses on a quality team and international appeal with their popular Coffee retail business.

Starbucks Facebook Fanpage

4. Skittles

Skittles understands social marketing and has a promotion going to encourage engagement and to get fans interacting for a chance to win some great prizes. They have a colorful design that is vibrant and full of life to allude to the Skittles brand.

Skittles Facebook Fanpage

5. Old Spice

After an extremely successful viral marketing campaign last year with the “I’m on a horse” guy, Old spice has maintained a strong social media presence and brand through online marketing and social engagement. A prime example would be when they did response videos to over 100 tweeters to further develop the engagement behind their brand.

Old Spice Facebook Fanpage

6. Disney

The major motion picture company that has been running our childhood favorite cartoons for decades now, and also has one of the strongest social media presences on Facebook. Their timeline page is no different showcasing Disney’s past and present in a neat and tidy fashion.

7. Oreo

Oreo has a strong brand presence with my current friends list and I suspect their global influence is strong as well considering they have over 25 million likes. Oreo is even commending one of their fans birthdays on their header graphic today to commemorate them, a definite nice touch by the cookie brand.

All in all if your brand doesn’t have a social presence, then you are missing out on a ton of visibility and brand awareness at a bare minimum. Even more importantly you are missing out on key engagement that can be taking place in social conversations with potential customers and without that you may be losing money.

Take the time to develop a quality, lasting brand page and your business with thank you for it for years to come. If you have any great brand pages to show off, leave a comment and start the discussion!