7 Best Gadgets for Freelance Graphic Designers


Freelance graphic designers like you create graphics, layouts, print pieces, and more for your clients. Your work may be for advertisements, websites, books, or other publications. With this type of job, you can’t carry out your duties without the help of computers and some cool gadgets. If you’re looking for the best gadgets, you’ll want to think about the following seven products you shouldn’t work without.

Multi-Touch Drawing Tablet

wacom-intuos-pro-1_kzecImage Source:www.wacom.com

Many freelance graphic designers would appreciate a multi-touch drawing tablet. Wacom is the leader in the drawing tablet industry and manufactures many tablets for designers. These tablets give designers the ability to draw in a controlled way directly on the screen where they can both manually and electronically manipulate images.



Image Source:www.artistsinspireartists.com

A lot of graphic design drawing work takes place on a computer or a tablet, but what about all the work designers love to do on paper?

Inkling is a fantastic tool that allows you to draw on paper and record the drawings digitally. Being able to draw on paper is a huge benefit for many designers, especially those who aren’t comfortable with drawing on a screen. Plus, these images work flawlessly with Illustrator, Photoshop, and many other graphic design computer programs.

DSLR Camera


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Many graphic designers rely on their artistic talents to draw and create illustrations from scratch, but many also incorporate photography into their work.

For creatives to gain success with adding photography to their art, they have to use a high-quality camera — a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. All models of these cameras have three elements in common; they are manually controlled, have interchangeable lenses, and capture great quality pictures.

Smartphone on a Reliable Network


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All of the design gadgets mentioned here are necessary for a successful freelance graphic designer to have, but a designer also has to have a way to stay connected with clients. Talking, emailing, and texting are critical to doing business, which is why a reliable network such as T-Mobile is essential.

T-Mobile offers its customers unlimited media streaming on the fastest 4G LTE network. Additionally, T-Mobile also supports wireless coverage for many smartphones with outstanding graphics, such as the LG G5. The LG G5 has features such as a wide-angle lens, which makes it perfect for taking a picture on the go. Additionally, the video-calling feature is ideal for communicating with clients.

Projection Keyboard


Image Source:www.the10thcircle.com

One of the easiest ways to present clients with your work is by taking advantage of mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. But as easy as it is to carry around these small devices, you’ll have occasions when someone requests an on-the-spot change. Trying to type on these mobile keyboards can be quite cumbersome for some designers.

A projection keyboard is virtual and provides designers with a full-size keyboard for typing. In addition, this keyboard is smaller and easier to transport than a regular-sized portable keyboard.

Lifetrons Multi-Tool Adaptor


Image Source:www.touchofmodern.com

A fun and useful gadget for a freelance graphic designer is the Lifetrons Multi-Tool Adaptor. The gadget has the look of a Swiss Army knife, but its tools include plugs to multiple devices, a USB port, and a built-in SIM card. This multi-tool adaptor allows designers to plug in multiple devices for charging or syncing to a laptop or PC while connected. Thanks to the built-in SIM card, you can also store your data for later use.

Beverage Warmer

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The last gadget in this list may sound silly, but it is something that every freelance graphic designer like you will appreciate. On most days, graphic designers spend their time working on designs at their desks. They grab their cups of coffee in the morning, sit down and begin working, and, before they know it, their coffee is cold.

Imagine how nice a beverage warmer would be. You could pour your cup of coffee, set it down on the beverage warmer, and have a hot cup of coffee to enjoy while you work.

While you’ll find many great gadgets on the market, the ones that will make life and work easier for freelance graphic designers like you are the seven we’ve presented above. All of these gadgets can help graphic designers do their jobs well, which can make both the designers and their clients happy.