6 Benefits of Custom Presentation Folders for Your Business


Current technology has replaced some of the traditional ways of sharing and storing information. Most businesses now rely on online solutions to run their operations and communicate with their partners.

However, some conventional solutions like presentation folders are still relevant in the current digital world. Your employees will not always have access to a fast internet connection when attending meetings, events, or conferences. Using presentation folders will benefit your business in the following ways.

1. Branding

Customised printed folders are the best type of folders to use in your organization. Whether you are organizing one event or looking for a permanent solution for your employees, customize the folders to market your business. Include your logo, slogan, vision and mission statements. Print the folders in your corporate colors and add your contact details, including your website address, on the covers.

Anyone who sees the folders during your meetings or corporate events should get a clear picture of your brand. If you are sharing any materials with your audience in a meeting, present those materials in a folder. This way, your audience will be reminded of your brand during and after the meeting. They may forget part of your presentation, but not your brand.

2. Organised Presentations

The main reason for using printed presentation folders is to organize your notes or materials for talks or presentations. Over-relying on the internet or online solutions is risky because technology can fail when you need it most. Your internet or power connection can be interrupted during your presentation. If you were pitching an idea to potential investors or selling a product to potential clients, you might lose the deal because of such interruptions.

Even when you have online materials, it is advisable to print your notes and place them in a folder. You can easily refer to your notes and continue with your presentation when technology fails. Also, using a well-designed folder creates an impression of an organized professional to your audience.

3. An Organised Office

The use of presentation folders and folder printing services is not limited to external events. Internal meetings also require organization. Most organizations have a paperless office policy, but you cannot eliminate printed material entirely. For instance, if your employees are required to keep some printed materials after a meeting, put the materials in a folder.

You will have organized desks in your office. Your employees will also create a good impression of your business when serving clients. The can retrieve a client’s information easily when all related documents are stored in one folder. Storing documents in storage units is easier using folders. Remember that your employees also need a constant reminder of your mission and vision.

4. Sharing Additional Information

One of the benefits of presentation folder printing is that you can provide additional information about your products or services to your clients. The folders can be used as catalogs or to provide information about new products. The folders have more space than banners or online adverts to market your business.

You never know where your folders will end up after printing and giving them away. Hence, you need to include as much information as you can about your business. Remember that your folders may be the first impression of your business that your audience gets.

5. Increased Sales

The main reason for branding and marketing your business is to increase your sales. Presentation folders will help you achieve that goal if you use them correctly. The information provided on the folders will traffic to your business or prompt potential clients to call for further information.

The folders will also act as a constant reminder of your products when you use them as catalogs. New clients will eventually call you to order products or services. If you give the right impression during conferences, events, or meetings with clients, you will end up closing more deals. Effective branding leads higher sales, which translates to higher profits.

6. Saving Promotional Costs

Advertising is expensive especially when you want to reach a large audience. Think of all the people who attend your open days, conferences, or events as potential clients. You have an opportunity to create a lasting impression of your business by carrying a customized folder to every event.

You do not have to be the one leading a meeting to carry your company’s customized folder. Carry it to every networking event and train your staff to do the same. The good thing is that you do not to incur a high cost for this promotional method. A few well-branded folders can market your business to hundreds of people within a few minutes.


While it’s important to keep up with the latest technology for sharing and storing information, some traditional methods like presentation folders are still relevant and have multiple benefits for your business. Use the folders creatively to market your business beyond giving organized speeches and storing documents.