5 Ways to Boost Apps User Engagement

Mobile Apps have become crucial for Startups and established organizations to meet consumer’s demands and needs. These devices have also become an essential tool for faster business growth, brand promotion, marketing, customer interaction, and product exposure. More and more SMEs are relying on these devices to sell their products. If a business does not have any mobile presence in the market, it cannot hope for faster business promotion and growth, or survive the stiff market competition.

However, the success and popularity of Apps can be judged by user’s response and engagements. If your business App is flawless, it will be popular with users, and they will use it to make purchases. On the contrary, devices with problems and flaws will be rejected by consumers.

Also, there are thousands of different categories Apps in the market, and users have a wide choice of selection for these devices. In such stiff competition, attracting users is a daunting task for businesses and developers. These are also the primary reasons for making error free and user-friendly devices for better user’s response and conversions. The users will also constantly use such flawless device for their needs and requirements.
There are few mobile strategies that can improve user engagement and businesses should give a thought to these strategies to get better user response for their App.

1. Advertisements and Incentives


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Developing a Smartphone device is easy, but getting it off the ground is not so easy because there are hundreds and thousands of Smartphone devices available for different categories. Your App is also one of them, and it can get hopelessly lost for different reasons. However, you can also make a presence among users if you effectively use strategic marketing techniques. Advertising through few marketing channels like Social Media, testers, forums, and eMails are one of the best ways for expanding the user base. You can also offer promotions, incentives, and giveaways to attract users. Other online marketing tools such as SEO, posting contents on popular blogs, PR posts, and others can also be used regularly for introducing, popularizing, retaining, and increasing consumers.

2. User’s Experience


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If you are introducing an App, you must be sure that you are offering a device that is flawless and tested for bugs and other issues because you will not get a second chance to impress the user that your device has no errors. You must remember that a user will not download your app if it has faulty designs, features, and complications. They also will not download if it’s not fast or easy to navigate. You must regularly test your device for any errors and rectify them immediately for better user experience.

3. Updates and Push Notification



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Mobile technology is constantly evolving, and rapid advances are made every day. App Trends and Apps Market are also continuously changing. Innovative features and designs are frequently introduced. You must also update your device regularly with these changes for continuous user engagement, and to beat the competition. You can also showcase your updates, and advice users to update through Push notifications. You must understand that Push notifications are a way to interact, inform, and attract users.

4. App Reviews


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App reviews inform the users about your device, and accordingly they decide if your app is worth downloading. It is also a performance report for you, and a way to understand user’s views about your device. Negative reviews, comments, and ratings can send users away from your device. Even Google and Apple expect developers to improve their device based on the rating and reviews they receive. You can drastically improve user’s engagement if you ensure that your device is flawless, deliver values and offer useful and user-friendly features to receive positive reviews, comments, and ratings.

5. Useful Retail Apps Features


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If you have developed a retail app, you must be sure that your device offers useful features for improved customer engagement. You must include designs and features for coupons, deals, and gift vouchers. You can also inform consumers about these offers, new deals, events, discounts, updates, and new arrivals through Push Notifications. You must also include Barcode scanning feature in your device for better customers’ in­-store experiences and engagements because if your device gives useful information on the availability of stocks, prices, colors, sizes, and reviews, the customers can easily make up their mind for online or offline purchases.

These are a few important points that can help improve and retain Users Engagement because if there is no download for your device, or users reject your device, you will have the worst user engagements. It will also be a waste of valuable time and money time for you. All these reasons make it important that you must constantly test your device for any flaws and problems, respond to user’s feedbacks, and improve and update your device regularly to bind users to your device.

Author Bio – Deepak Vijay is the technical writer on Syoninfomedia.com as well as a Mobile app developer since last 6 years. He is also a web fanatic and keeps update with latest happenings in Web design and development field. It is also his passion to share his knowledge in these advancements. His expertise and knowledge in these fields are evident when he writes on CMS, Programming languages, Software, and Technology.