5 Top Fitness Apps For Your Health


There are a bunch of people that exist in the world who are crazy about their health and fitness. Especially celebrities who follow strict diets along with proper fitness plans. According to a research, an average person gains 3.4% weight every year. But those who are indulged in eating fast food get extra pounds. When some people realize it, they start worrying about their increasing weight. They take admission in the gym and start working out. Almost everyone has a smartphone and due to a large amount of apps used in a routine, daily life has become so easy and time saving. So, for fitness crazies, there are 5 smartphone apps that are easy to use and also, truly motivate you.

My Fiziq


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My Fiziq is one of the famous apps people use for their fitness. My Fiziq is not created to focus on BMI and other fitness measures. The app uses images of your body to know about how much fitness your body requires towards your ultimate goals. So, it is a modern technique that’s why fitness lovers prefer to use this app.



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Pact is ideal for such people who have their fitness goals but have some laziness to achieve it. So, this app also provides motivation to the users which is the main solution of this problem. Are you thinking how is it possible? It is very simple. The concept is, you set fitness goals daily and create a bet that you will achieve them. If you become successful, you get paid. But if you lose, you have to pay the amount of the bet. Interesting , isn’t it?



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You definitely know that to count calories is not fun, but it is necessary for people to lose their weight. There are plenty of calorie counting apps in the world that provide basic information about their burning. But if you want more detailed information, you have to go for Fooducate. The app enables you to set your weekly or long term goals of weight loss. It offers information of healthy nutrition along with different healthier alternatives related to everyday food and measl which you can add into your daily log.


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Planning to burn a lot of calories quickly by avoiding a 5K race? C25K is here for you. The app (also called Coach to 5K) surprisingly increases your strength until you are able to run for 30 minutes, even more without taking any kind of break. The concept behind this app is that most people can’t start long running without some training. So, with this concept in the mind, developers design it so that before running, users have to start slow walk of 30 minutes.


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Many people get bored with their workout routines. It is one of the main reasons that people fail to achieve their fitness goals. FitStar is such an app that is specially designed for such people. It basically offers personalized workouts and fitness tests. These fitness tests represent your full body but if you want any guidance for a specific area of your body, this option is also available. The app also contains a feedback option that tells you to create a better workout plan according to your fitness level.

So, did you review the working of those latest apps? What app you like to get for your workout? These apps are basically a treasure for fitness freaks who are crazy about their smartness and want their fitness plans smooth and easy to achieve. All the above apps are easily available at Google Play Store and iTunes.