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There are chances you would have missed the latest algorithm update from Google. On April 21, 2015, Google launched a superb update of an algorithm that is named as “Mobilegeddon” by web developers and web designers. Its main motto is to punish websites that are not mobile-friendly. Okay, we maybe exaggerating a little but Google did give priority to websites that can easily run on mobile phones by ranking down the website in mobile search results of those who aren’t mobile-friendly.

Since 2015, mobile has overtaken laptops and desktops and has become the primary device that people use to search online and use the internet. So, how you should create or transform your website to a mobile-friendly one? In this article, there are 5 tips that will lend you some knowledge regarding creating a mobile-friendly website. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

  • Do Not Create a Separate Website for Mobile Phones

In earlier days when mobile sites came into existence, web developers with site owners used to debate on what content is necessary for the desktop site and which part is relevant for mobile device friendly websites. After that, the content used to be cut and replaced with content as per customer’s likeability.

Well, we can’t decide what customers or readers will love and what not. So, instead of wasting time and labor in re-writing content, web owners should not go for maintaining two sites as it can lead to penalization from Google for similar content.

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Every website around you is created with highly responsive designs in today’s world. This is because it allows developers to maintain a site that is device-friendly and can be viewed on any screen size. It shrinkages amount of work that developers had to do in making a mobile-friendly website. It is all possible with the use of flexible images, elastic layouts and a lot more. The usage of responsive design in creating a website gives an intellectual power to see what screen size customer is using and accordingly change the layout.

  • Button & Font Size Matters

When creating a device-friendly website, consider the size and design of font size and buttons. The ideal size of fonts for a mobile site is 14px. We know, it’s a lot bigger than what is used on the desktop but do you want your customers or viewers to zoom in the content to read it? Instead, lend your customers a sense of ease while reading content. If you wish to use a smaller font size such as 12px, you can use it for labels or forms.

As per the discussion regarding buttons, they need to be big enough so that viewers could see them clearly. The bigger the better – customers will not suffer from touching the wrong button by mistake. This will surely help you in enhancing the user experience of your website.

  • Usability of High Res Images is Must

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Have you gone through Instagram? All the images uploaded are of high resolution. Similarly, a website should possess all high-quality images as it makes your site responsive and gives great user-experience. As the latest iOS models come with retina quality display, make sure you use extremely good quality pictures so that they do not pixelate or blur while zooming in.

If you are one of those who wish to include or whose website contains lots of video content, then start using YouTube videos. Sometimes, video content can give a hard time to customers for viewing videos on mobile phones. YouTube is a top-notch solution as the embedded code of YouTube is already responsive. This means you will save time as well as steps to create mobile-friendly videos for your site.


Final Thoughts

Overall, creating a mobile-friendly site is not a tough nut to crack after reading and using these tips. Hiring a top-class web design company India is also a good idea as there is no reason to not to prepare your site for mobile success.

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