5 Tips For Buying a Used Flagship Smartphone


Flagship smartphones denote that they are the bestsmartphone that has ever been created till date by the company. So, a flagshipsmartphone is equipped with the finest features and hardware. At the time oflaunch, these products are priced at a very high price, which makes itunaffordable to the masses. So, many users either wait for the prices to dropor purchase second hand flagship smartphones. Although purchasing a usedflagship smartphone saves a good amount of money, but there are few aspectsthat you should keep in mind before buying them.

Listed below are the 5 vital tips to consider forbuying a used flagship smartphone.


Whenever you purchase a used flagship smartphone,you should inspect the physical condition of the phone thoroughly unless youare buying it online. A few things that you should look for are scratches onthe phone display and phone body as well as touch sensitivity of the screen.Also, check volume buttons, power button, charge port, SIM card slot and SDcard slot along with the headphone jack to ensure that all of them arefunctioning properly.

If you are making an online purchase then notedown the description of phone condition that is mentioned on the webpage. Atthe time of delivery, you should check if the condition matches with the onlinedescription. If you not very happy with the physical condition of the phonethen it is better to avoid buying it, until and unless you are getting a stealdeal.


Usually, flagship smartphones have comparativelysmaller battery, so before purchasing, always ensure that your used flagshipsmartphone has a healthy battery. For instance; the Nexus 6 batteryhas 3220 mAh battery power while the LG V30 batteryhas 3300 mAh, so it would be unwise to purchase the phone if the batteries aredraining fast.

The best way to check the battery health of thephone is to make some phone calls or open multiple applications at a time and checkif the phone heats up quickly. Also, keep an eye on the battery meter toidentify if the battery is draining too quickly. If you see positive results thendo not purchase the phone, as most of the flagship smartphones have non-removablebattery. In short, ensuring battery health is optimum while purchasing a usedflagship smartphone.


As mentioned above, a flagship phone is the bestphone designed by the company for that time period. This denotes that in thenear future, new flagship smartphones by the same company can arrive in themarkets. Many users discard their old flagship smartphones when their favoritecompany announces the launch of a new flagship phone.

So, before buying a used smartphone, ensure thatthe company is not launching a new flagship phone at least for the next sixmonths, or else you will end up using obsolete technology. If the new phone isbeing launched sooner, then you can wait until its launch, as at that time the priceof previous editions will drop and you might be able to afford a new smartphonefor the price of an old one.

Used Vs.Refurbished

While buying a used smartphone, it is alwaysnecessary to understand whether the phone is used or refurbished. Used flagshipsmartphones are generally pre-owned and are offered for sale by the usersthemselves. On the other hand, refurbished smartphones are put through multiplehardware and software quality checks before being offered for sale.

Generally, the used flagship smartphones don’tcarry any warranty unless you are purchasing a certified pre-owned phone.However, most of the refurbished smartphones come with a warranty, which rangesfrom 30 days to 6 months. You can consider buying a refurbished smartphone, becauseusually limited time returns and replacement facilities are offered to thebuyer. So, if you find any fault then you can get it replaced or returned, asper your preference.


Last, but certainly the most important aspect thatyou should consider before buying a used smartphone is the source from whereyou are purchasing it, unless you are buying it from a friend. It is alwaysrecommended to purchase smartphones from a known seller or from a trustworthythird-party websites like eBay or Swappa.

Another way of ensuring that your phone is not a stolenproduct is to purchase only those flagship smartphones that arrive with a box,so that you can match the IMEI number from the device to that of the box.Before making a purchase, also ensure that your phone is not locked and itsupports your preferred network to avoid any future inconveniences.

To conclude, use the aforesaid 5 tips and thenplace an order for a good-quality flagship smartphone.


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