5 Must-Try Tips Before Creating Your Own Logo –

Think of your logo as your brandambassador. It’s often the first contact that customers and clients have withyour business, and you want it to make a strong first impression. The logosymbolizes your business, and like all symbols, it works hard to communicateyour message. When designing your own logo, the first thing to keep in mind iswhat you want it to say about your brand.

Creating a logo is both a technical and aesthetic process. Your goal is to createa logo design where the image, text, colors and fonts all work together to senda strong message. Online logo makers like LogoMyWay’s Logo Generator have simplified the technicalaspects of the design process. This makes it easy for you to create your ownlogo, and to gain an exclusive copyright to the design. It also frees you up toput your effort into the creative work of logo design.

5helpful logo design tips

Before you dive into the designprocess, it’s a good idea to take a little time to do some research and tothink about your brand and messaging. How can you best combine the differentdesign elements for a memorable logo that will help your business stand outfrom the competition? Here are five helpful tips you should check out beforeyou start creating your logo.

1.Think about your brand identity

The first step in the creativeprocess is to think consciously about your goals in creating the logo. What doyou want it to say about your brand, your business, and your values? Look atsome famous logos and how they crafted a unique identity. What makes them standout? A good example is the New York Yankees logo with the baseball bat and thetop hat, bringing together the sport and the city. How can you achieve something similar for your own business ororganization?

This is also a good time to checkout the competition, and look at the logos of other businesses that are similarto yours. What can you learn from them and how can you make your design standout from the crowd? You may also find it helpful to look at some classic logodesigns, like IBM, Levi’s jeans, FedExand others. What is it that makes them memorable and easy to connect to thebusiness they represent?

2.Keep the design simple and scalable

Once you get started with thedesign, it can be tempting to add in all kinds of bells and whistles. Afterall, the Logo Generator gives you all the tools you need. However, a simpledesign works best because it is easy to remember and identify, which is anessential step for creating your brand identity.

With the online logo generator,you’ll have a choice of hundreds of professionally-designed templates. Youshould take a little time to think about which shape and images best speak toyour business and your message. Don’t rush this stage, because the shape ofyour logo and the images used are the core of the design.

Another advantage of keeping yourdesign simple is that it will appear clearly on different media. Your logo will be used on your website,office stationery, signs,memorabilia, packaging, products, and advertising. You want to be sure that itis recognizable wherever it appears, whether it’s a thumbnail online or on alarge banner or billboard.

3.Use fonts and colors wisely

Colors and fonts are powerful designtools that can be used to boost your message. Take a little time to learn aboutcolor theory and the meanings associated with different colors. Colors have animpact on the emotions of the viewer. For example, red conveys power while blueis seen as calming, and yellow is a cheerful, energetic color. You can combinedifferent colors for aesthetic effects and also to add more subtle meanings toyour logo.

When using colors, it’s a good ideaagain to keep it simple and use just one or two. Another thing to keep in mindwhen choosing colors is whether the logo always appears on a white background or will the background colors vary?Will the logo colors show clearly against any background?

You will also have a variety offonts to choose from when designing your logo. The font should be easy to read,and also match the colors and images used in the logo.

4.Use white space creatively

You’re already aware that images,colors, and text are all design elements. But how about white space in thedesign? Think about the famous Apple logo, with a bite missing out of thesilhouette. Even though there are manycompeting versions about the origin of the bite, or byte, it helps to mark outthe genuine logo and make it instantly recognizable anywhere in the world.

5.Think ahead

With all the effort you put intoturning your brand and vision into a logo, you want something that people willremember and that will be around for a while. What is unique about your design,slogan and brand name? Will it wear well over time? How will people react to itfive or even ten years from now? A memorable logo will stand the test of time.

Once you have all your design ideas in a row, it’s time to get to work. The online logogenerator from LogoMyWay has hundreds of templates that you can customize tocome up with your design. Before finalizing your design, it’s a good idea totest it. Show it to your friends, colleagues, family members, and even torandom friendly people in the checkout line at the grocery store. In fact, showthem two or three different versions, and use their reactions to tweak yourdesign further. After finalizing yourtested and approved design, you can go ahead and download your design files andbuy the exclusive copyright. Your logo is good to go, ready to carry your brandand message to the wor