5 Everlasting E-commerce Website Design Hacks for Modern Entrepreneurs

As a serial Entrepreneur, I know what it feels like to start a business and not get orders for your product. When I started 6 years back, it was less crowded and we all knew who our target market was, and the saturation was less in the field of Entrepreneurship (in my niche).

At that time, website design was one sure-shot to stand out from the crowd. And as they say, some things are timeless and remain so. The aim of every E-commerce website is to generate leads. And the way you can generate leads is to keep the website design relevant to your audience. But how do you motivate the audience to act? Simple, use a design that can entice them with great design.

As a website owner, I know what it feels like to feel frustrated every day when we were not getting orders. We used these tips to make the most of what we can. To get the true essence you need to apply these tips and see what you can take from it. Not every tip might work for you, but you can take what is working for you and leave the rest.

Although there is no one-fit-solution for all the problems, there are some tweaks, tips, and tricks that can put you away from the crowd. These are timeless so make sure you use them well.

Presenting the 10-timeless E-commerce website design hacks for modern Entrepreneurs:

  • Learn how to use Google Analytics

Image Source:www.domo.com

Google Analytics is one tool that can turn your ordinary customer database into your raving fans. You just need to learn how to use all the metrics of Google Analytics to gain control over what your users are searching for on your website and how you can provide it in a better way.

First, study the demographics, the traffic sources, and the number of visitors on your website. Next go ahead and check your social interactions. How are customers responding to you? Make sure you under the pattern of your users. To understand the way of your customer is very important.

A conversation audit is simply a website review of your site. This is not just a onetime process. It is a constant process where you need to audit the performance of your website. An E-commerce website is less about what is the content of your website and more about the design and experience the user is having on your website.

Every user shares a different experience. What you need to understand is how the user is feeling while on your website? Are they confused, amused, or frustrated? You can understand this only by regulating regular website audits from time to time.

Image Source:www.webpagefx.com

If you check any reputable website design company you will notice that they don’t have any speed issues. Their websites are opening smoothly both on mobile and on the laptop. The reason behind is, the user spends only 5 seconds on each website, and if in those 5 seconds you’re not able to make an impact, it is useless for your website.

Most of the users will abandon the website once they feel that the website is taking too much time to open. What you need to do is test your website for each platform that your target market is using. Do not leave any platform for the sake of less traffic or least activity. As an Entrepreneur, you need to grab every user that comes to your website. If a website is taking more than 5 seconds to load, the user will abandon the website, no matter how good your website is.

This is one of the most common causes of bounce rate. If you do not have a simple checkout process, you will find it difficult to convert your orders. Most of the visitors don’t even bother to report the problem. They will simply exit your website. Amazon introduced one-step check-out and their sales spiked to around 200%.

Users nowadays prefer simpler checkout and one-step checkout. If you want visitors to convert into customers, you need to make sure that users don’t need to think even for a bit what to do next in the checkout process. Most of the modern websites are using progress bar at the top to let the visitor know the status of their checkout. You can do the same and let them know what they are expecting in the next step and how much is left before you complete the order.

Image Source:www.ecommerce-platforms.com

There is no such thing as a dead website. Users nowadays are smart. They don’t prefer bots talking to them. Especially if you contact a website design company, you’ll notice that there are real people talking to you.

You also need to follow the same approach. You need to interact with the user. You need to know what users want. And you need to understand the problems of the users. In my experience, if you resolve the problems of the users right on the spot, they will order from you again, and they will go for positive word of mouth.

I have tried it again and again and it worked every single time. Listen to your customers on live chat and try to resolve their issues. This will help you big time to make a good name for your E-commerce website.

Final Thoughts

Starting an E-commerce business is easy, but keeping it open is hard. And what is even harder is getting orders. You can follow the above tips and see how they will impact your business. I have tried these tips and they have worked for my brand.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting out or you’re already a well-established business, you can try out these tips to help your business grow and generate more leads. I would also love to hear from you if you’re already running an E-Commerce website and you’re facing issues with generating leads.