5 Copywriting Tools for Graphic Designers 2016


5 Copywriting Tools for Graphic Designers 2016

Graphic design provides visual communication and expression of concepts and ideas using graphic tools and elements. It incorporates copywriting tools as graphic design is employed in the process of writing advertising promotional materials.

In graphic design, copywriters help create web page content, online ads and other online content related to the web in question.

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Copywriting tools are an essential item and should be in every designer’s tool kit. Today’s designers face a myriad of challenges due to the increasing need for social media posts and blog updates. Designers are tasked with the responsibility of designing and updating both visual and verbal aspects of a project. We have compiled 5 of the best copywriting tools that every graphic designer must have to be successful in 2016.

5 Best Copywriting Tools

1. Essay Writing Service

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As a designer great content needs to accompany your visual elements. Essay Thinker is a top rated content creation tool a designer can use to quickly generate unique top notch quality content. They offer a variety of services, including copywriting in which they excel at. They command a large customer base whom are generally happy with their services, this is evident from the positive feedback they provide on the website. Their writers are extremely professional, polite, and intelligent.

You are provided with a draft before conclusion for you to review before completion of the task to ensure the output is exactly what is required.

2. Copyscape


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Copyscape is the most popular free web-based tool that allows designers to check the content of a single webpage, and it performs some magic to find if duplicate content exists elsewhere on the web. Designers can also choose a pay-as-you-go version which allows you to check plagiarism for a section of plain text rather than an already published webpage. Great for those using content from various sources.

It’d be embarrassing to publish plagiarized content in 2016 when tools like Copyscape exist.

3. Flickr


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Designers what would you do without Flickr?

Flickr’s offering is unparalleled in the photo sharing and editing community. It’s simple to use, easy to find images which are of superb quality. With its image recognition, you can automatically categorize images and find that perfect image for your copy. The site has a beautiful user interface that designers appreciate. More benefits include a great photo-sharing community always posting content that will inspire you and provide you with new ideas.

Flickr is the tool to use that will satisfy both beginners and professionals. It is the one and only graphics designer’s choice for online photo storage and sharing.

4. Thesaurus


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Every copywriter always has a tab open dedicated to Thesaurus.com.It is the only thesaurus you’ll need in your copywriting ventures, and its comprehensive and years ahead of the competition. Thesaurus.com provides you with a quick and efficient way of finding synonyms and antonyms to help you come up with a great copy.

5. Unsuck It

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Unsuck It is an online dictionary tool to help you turn those boring office jargon to quirky and fun words. As a designer, you need to ensure your content is useful, fun, and easy to understand. Unsuck It offers synonyms to business jargon that usually make copy boring or impossible to understand.It’s the urban dictionary for office jargons.

If you ever need to turn those business jargons to useful information for your visitors, simply head over to Unsuck It. It’s simple and fun to use thanks to its simple interface. Once you’re on their homepage you’re greeted with a search bar that performs all the sorcery of decoding those office jargons to fun synonyms that helps add value to your content. You can also add your own fun alternatives to business jargons if they’re not yet available on the site, helping it to grow.

6. Sales Copy Generator

It’s a no-brainer that an effective sales copy can make or break the successof your content, still actually sitting down to write a compelling blog post ora sales page can be an overwhelming experience. That’s wherePodia’s sales copy generator comes to the rescue. All you need to do isanswer a few short questions about your product and target audience, andyou’ll get a personalized ready-to-publish sales copy in minutes.


In conclusion, every designer should ensure that they keep up with technological updates to ensure that they keep at par and remain relevant in the already crowded market. Always remember to be original and creative and you will make it.