5 Best Interactive Learning Websites for Students –

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In the 21st century, using technology is a necessity in almost every setting. Technological devices and resources empower people to be more effective at their work and students – to be more successful in their studies. It’s important to embrace the innovation the world of technology has to offer to ensure greater academic outcomes. There are various types of interactive learning websites that both students and teachers can use to revolutionize the global learning experience and make the process of education easier and more entertaining. Here is a short guide around some of the best interactive learning websites both students and educators around the world can use to make studying an enjoyable activity.

Technovation Families

Technovation Families, also known as Curiosity Machine, is an excellent interactive learning website where students can receive and share feedback from experts. The niche of this platform is very relevant nowadays, as it is all about the power of Artificial Intelligence. The website also aims at engaging the whole family into the learning process and offers the option to build an AI-powered “family project.” Although it is an educational platform, it uses interactive methods to bring students, teachers, and families together in creating a project that involves AI. It guides users through the process of the whole project and implores them to solve potential problems of their local communities with the help of Artificial Intelligence. What’s more, this platform also encourages competitiveness as one can submit their project proposal to be considered for the competition.


This interactive website is great for students who are particularly interested in studying writing, journalism, or content management for a future career. ReadWriteThink printing press gives them a chance to create newspapers, flyers, and brochures. One can even design the final “product” look by adjusting text colors and font sizes. This website can be used by teachers to look for project inspiration or to come up with some creative writing assignments for their students. Additionally, students can use it for their own purposes if they want to learn the basics of content creation and management. It is a great source of future profession-related skills. This resource might also help students improve their writing skills and learn how to create high-quality essays. Alternatively, they can turn for professional academic writing help from writers that work for essayservice and get the assistance they need there.


Funbrain is a creative and vibrant website that offers interactive learning materials for grades K-8. There are lots of engaging flashcards, different games, books, videos, and other resources teachers can use to make their classes better and more entertaining for their students. All the resources are grouped by the grade level they were created for, so it’s also very easy to navigate around the website and choose the learning resources one needs. The materials are designed to fit the needs and expectations of grade 1-8 students, which means that they will not be overwhelmed with information: verbal and visual content is perfectly balanced in the materials.

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange is a website where educators can get a great number of interactive resources. The available materials include lesson plans, games, and virtual-workspace templates to ensure interactive learning in the classroom. The user-friendly interface of the website makes it easy to navigate there, which is why teachers can easily find the resources they need. It’s also possible to share resources with other users for educators to easily collaborate and exchange their teaching experience. The service is free, but one needs to sign up on the platform to use the resources it has to offer. Accessing a pool of interactive materials and getting in contact with educators all around the world makes this website a very rare and valuable find.

E-learning for Kids

This website offers entertaining and engaging resources for younger students. E-learning for kids is also a non-profit organization. When signing up, educators get access to interactive resources and lesson plans on different subjects, including math, grammar, computer skills, and life skills. What makes this website stand out is that its resources are available offline. One can easily download them, which means that even if students or teachers sometimes don’t have a stable internet connection, they can still access the resources offered on the website.

Interactive learning websites give educators a unique chance to turn their classrooms into a collaborative and challenging environment where everyone gets to learn, while also having a lot of fun. Technology-powered education has already proved itself to be much more effective than conventional education, which is why it is important to keep up with the latest learning trends. With nearly every student having a smartphone, a tablet, or some other device, it is possible to keep all students connected and 100% involved in the learning process.