4 Web Design Tips to Make Video Content More Effective –

Many websites nowadays have video content of some form or other due to how effective it can be. However in some cases that effectiveness is hindered by the fact that the design of the website doesn’t take into account the unique nature of videos, and ends up hindering it rather than helping.

Assuming you’d rather avoid landing in that same situation and would instead like your video content to be as effective as possible, these four tips should help:

  • Give videos a prominent position relative to other elements

In almost all cases if there is a video on a web page then it is undoubtedly meant to be the focus of attention – and it should be placed as such. Typically that means placing it right below the headline and ensuring its entire body is above the fold, though on less typical layouts it should occupy a position of equal prominence as well.

  • Make sure videos are placed on solid backgrounds

To ensure that attention remains on the video, it is best to place it on a solid background. If the background is too ‘busy,’ it could distract from the video and in some cases may even cause the entire website to look messy and cluttered.

  • Couch a video in a padding of white space

Another important way to avoid a ‘cluttered’ appearance is to couch the video in a padding of white space. The exact amount of white space that is required to separate the video from other elements may vary depending on the layout of the website – but it should be sufficient that it stands out.

  • Place relevant (or referenced) elements near the video

If your video references any other elements they should be placed near the video and within the eye-line of the viewer. For example, if the call to action of the video references a form, it should be right beside or right below the video. By adopting this approach, your design will be able to improve conversions significantly.

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