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Websites play a significant role in photographers’ careers – they are helpful in promotional campaigns; they also help photographers to find new clients and sponsors, and stay competitive among other artists. These websites express personality and individual style of their owners. Photography sites are often creative and unique, sometimes they are simple and nice, it all depends on the imagination, sense of style and technical skills of the photographer.

The majority of photo portfolio pages have black and white design, because these colors concentrate attention on the imagery and create a favorable environment for its showcase. One more thing to unite all photography websites is a gallery. This can be any type of the picture view, but it should be both impressive and easy-to-use.

In this showcase I have gathered a handful of nicely designed websites, which are worth talking about. These are absolutely different themes conveying different styles of photography so you are welcome to take a sneak peek at the mysterious world of the web design art.


I would start with this awesome black and white website. Its homepage is a slideshow of impressive full-screen images, while the other pages are colored in white and exhibit large grid-based galleries.


This interactive website is cool for its action. The central part of the page gets narrow or widen according to the browsed page. I also love the gallery showcase – the pictures can be flipped through one by one with arrows or the ribbon of thumbnails may appear to let the visitor choose any picture there.


This website is in this list because of its beautiful simplicity. The Image Slider and photo galleries in the table look marvelous on the plain white background.


It is a minimalist website design with a moving gallery on the main page and functional thumbnail galleries on other site sections. It is simple yet catchy.


This website demonstrates both pictures and videos, so they are put into the homepage slider together and are rotated in a full-screen mode. The separate page for photo portfolio is a simple table of images, but with a function to open them in the Lightbox and observe fully.


I added this energetic website to this showcase because I love its action. The effect of flying shots is wonderful, while the folio effect is kept to its minimum and is a simple yet good-looking gallery.


The asymmetry of the pictures on this blue-green layout grabbed my attention at once. The photos are black-and-white but only till the mouse hover is not over them. They are tiny parts from the whole series, which are available to view after one mouse click.


This website is cute with two designs available. One simple button on the left turns the website from white into black and vice versa. This is a cool function, which makes the webpage interesting for many who.


This pure web design is equipped with a fascinating photo gallery – just one picture is displayed at once and below it the sliding gallery of thumbnail is available. It may be turned on or off according to the viewer preferences.


This stylish website is a chaotic photo exhibition. The pictures have tiny text descriptions and each of them opens a whole collection of related images. The background of this site has a photographic design.


This website has two significant functions – music and full-screen view. The appropriate buttons are placed at the right bottom corner. The gallery is divided into a few subcategories, which are perfectly organized.


This website lets its visitors to admire beautiful photography in a large size, meanwhile there are many galleries arranged very compactly and neatly.


The gorgeous photos on the splash page of this site don’t let to pass by it. This dark design is beautified with a compact well-structured photo gallery.


The panoramic photo gallery on the coal-black background of this website has two awesome effects – the reflection and zoom. Click on any picture and it will be zoomed immediately,


Here is a modern website but with some old-fashionable design elements – washed colors, antique photo frame. The descriptions and titles to photos are detailed and creative, it makes the gallery extensive and complete.


This minimalist website demonstrates fascinating photographs by style. The breaking of the portfolio into separate groups is convenient for the user.


This cute website is like a hand-painted picture, especially its photo frames. The ornaments and colors used for this theme are very pleasing.


This clean style website showcases galleries in a compact though nice-looking way. The Wedding page of this site directs to another page of the artist.


It is an impressive photography website with cool galleries and easy navigation.


Simple yet exciting – it is about this website conveying wedding photos. Sliding gallery with an extra thumbnail images ribbon is easy-to-view.


This website is from that category of pages, which have a splash page. The site is mysteriously dark with a centered photo gallery and compact vertically oriented menu toolbar.


This website belongs to a photo agency with a number of photographers’ portfolios represented in a grid style. The homepage shows a pile of images of different size with one coming in front of another.


This website has a large photo gallery with down scrolling. Each picture is rotated in a full-screen mode.


The background photo gallery of the site is controlled via a grid of thumbnails turning on with a proper button. The ‘About photographer’ section is laconic and don’t distract attention from the imagery.


The colors of this page are thrilling. They magnetize. The folio showcase is rather simple yet professionally organized.


This wedding photography site is performed in deep purple colors and demonstrates pictures via the slider.


The showcase of large images is great on this plain white background.


This grunge style webpage has musical illustration, cool wood textured background and menu panel oriented vertically.

As you see, every portfolio site has its special thrill and unique design. I believe many efforts were invested in these webpages, so I’m really curious about which ones you like and why. Feel free to share your impressions of this showcase or your favorite sites not mentioned here in the comment section.

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