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Doodle art is a beautiful way to explore your creativity. Doodles can be a great way to improve drawing skills, quiet the mind, and help you focus on whatever you have to do. There is no need to spend a lot of time on this one. Just paper and pencil are all you need!

Here is how you can learn to draw some cute but straightforward drawings, then combine them to create beautiful prints that will enhance your journaling, coloring pages, or simply expand your creativity. Drawing these does not require the ability to be artistic or creative. Art can be created if you can draw circles, lines, and some basic shapes.

Whenever you come across a blank piece of paper, here are 25 cute and easy doodles for you to draw in your notebook or sketchbook.

1. Ice-Cream


The chocolate marble, double Dutch, Rocky Road, and vanilla and chocolate mixed are a few of our favorites. During my childhood, I remember my father attempting to make avocado ice cream. That tasted great! What an adventure that was. When we pulled it from the freezer it was nearly frozen solid. The surface is like frozen ice, and it’s tough. No matter how we tried to scoop it out, the spoon bent every time. The pressure must have been too much for him. As far as I remember, we had to wait over an hour before we could finally take it out of the container. That might have been because of its texture. That was a homemade experiment, after all.

2. Rose Doodles

easy doodle ideas

The rose is one of the most popular flowers among ladies. If you’re lucky, your partner will give you one when you deserve it. That is also an adornment that looks great. When I see a drawing of this blossom, I can imagine how difficult it must be to draw it. However, with this doodle lesson, it may not be as challenging as I had imagined. Below is an example that I think is even simpler.

3. Simple Flower Doodles

easy doodle ideas

There are other types of flowers as well as roses and sunflowers you can doodle with. My knowledge of every flower on the planet is limited. Still, they are beautiful!

4. Bugs Doodles

easy doodle ideas

My first impression of this drawing is that it was something I was never interested in. As I see it, I’ve been a mistake once more, since here I am, totally unprepared for how adorable these insects are. Each time I see them, these drawings bring a smile to my face.

5. Gift Box Doodle

easy doodle ideas

Including these drawings in your birthday or Christmas party invite or spread would be a great option. These simple doodles to make can help you remember to get yourself a gift, which is why they are so helpful.

6. Cutie foodies

easy doodle ideas

While I enjoy painting real-life things I find appealing, I also enjoy eating delicious food. This simple tutorial gives instructions for drawing cookies, a hot beverage, pie, and egg toast. Initially, it seems complicated to draw this plant, but it becomes apparent that it is not when you take it to step by step.

7. House Plant Doodle

easy doodle ideas

At first glance, it appears that this is a difficult plant to draw, but if you take it to step by step, it becomes clear that it is not.

8. Flowers Doodle

easy doodle ideas

Flowers are one of the most popular doodles everyone seems to like. The following lesson is for people who wish to draw flowers for their bullet journals or other art projects.

9. Ginkgo Biloba Doodle

easy doodle ideas

Plants that grow in Asia include Ginkgo Biloba. It looks stunning when the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba are drawn out. This can be customized with a variety of colors to go with your bullet journal spread.

10. Pumpkin Doodle

easy doodle ideas

Add some fall-themed doodles to your bullet journal layout with these doodles. It is possible to get pumpkin spice doodles as well as coffee doodles and pumpkin doodles.

11. Banner Doodle

easy doodle ideas

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for autumnal banner ideas. Here is a design made just for you and bullet journalers also use that features the best fall banners on the web.

12. Cactus Doodle

easy doodle ideas

The situation was left unattended by anyone. The outcome can probably be predicted. Seeing these doodles for the first time left me feeling remorseful. Had I given it the proper care at the time, it may not have died. I would certainly expect the cactus to flourish at another location if it’s not properly cared for by me in real life.

13. Springtime List Doodle

easy doodle ideas

Take a look at these fantastic bullet journal doodles that you can incorporate into your spring layout. One of my favorite features on this page is the drawings of spring bucket list items.

14. Air Balloon

easy doodle ideas

If you follow this simple guide, drawing a hot air balloon will be easy. Your finished balloon will look fantastic once it has been painted!

15. Flower Leaf Branch

easy doodle ideas

The process of sketching wreaths involves this step, and the combinations result in some quite attractive wreaths. Alternatively, if you wish, you can order them as stand-alone designs. Personally, I think that they can make excellent borders for your website.

16. Wreath Doodles

doodle ideas for journal

It appears that these wreaths are pretty straightforward, so I chose them. Consequently, the initial process does not seem overwhelming. To draw a circle accurately, it’s quite beneficial to follow a pattern.

17. Paper Planes Doodle

doodle ideas for journal

I used to make paper airplanes with my friends when I was a kid. We did a lot of stuff together! I love making paper airplanes fly! You may enjoy these doodles in your notebook. Never thought drawing could be so easy!

18. Leaf Doodles

doodle ideas for journal

You will appreciate the variety of leaf designs available if you enjoy the outdoors.

19. Food Doodles

creative doodling ideas

This collection’s cups and pizzas were the two items I found most straightforward to design. For me, the hot dog stand was the most enjoyable part of the trip. I have trouble sketching curves, so doodling the hotdog and pretzel was a little challenging. The result, however, is not entirely wrong.

20. Snowflakes Doodles

creative doodling ideas

The simplicity of the design is elegant. It is timeless and beautiful. This is how I came upon these snowflakes. Also, the Disney film Frozen comes to mind when I see these. The film continues to impress me despite having seen it multiple times. In contrast, these snowflakes just seem like stars – simple designs that brighten not only your bullet journal but also your entire day!

21. Dividers Doodle

creative doodling ideas

It is certain that all the previous designs can serve as dividers. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something even simpler, you’ll find plenty of options here! Drawing them won’t take long because they consist essentially of just a sequence of points and lines. The best advice I can give is to create a horizontal line whenever you need a divider immediately. In the future, you can design it when you have more time.

22. Morning Delights

easy doodle art for kids

How have your mornings been so far? Whatever your busy or stressful day is like, I hope you have a wonderful time. The following morning drawings can be added to your bullet journal to brighten your day. Probably you can guess why I like doodling. Coffee isn’t the only hot beverage available here. Everything is possible. I’m the only one who thinks it’s coffee.

23. Greenery Doodles

simple doodle art for beginners with name

Adding more plants to your journals and notebooks! These flower doodles can be used to embellish a page when you feel that it is missing something or seems incomplete. You can complete these doodles in just a few minutes.

24. Ancient Camera Doodle

easy doodle art for kids

That’s fine. I’m not even close to being ancient. The ease with which we can now take photos with our cellphones suggests that camera usage occurred long ago. It’s still one of the things that’s easy and enjoyable to draw! The skewed angle might make this harder than the other examples, but it’s certainly simpler than an artist’s work. We have another one for you if you prefer a straight, simple, and not a skewed camera for sketching.

25. Note Doodles

easy doodle art for kids

A lot of practice is the key to mastering new doodles! Keeping a copy of these doodles in your diary will enable you to refer to them whenever you require some ideas.


However, it demonstrates that you do not need to be an artist to make designs. Simple drawings are a fantastic place to start to give your BuJo more life and delight. Don’t be scared to make errors; it’s all part of the learning and exploring process. I hope you came up with some lovely doodle ideas, and I hope you’re not reading this right now because you’re frantically scribbling in your sketchbook. Experiment with new looks! Make a drawing that you wouldn’t usually make!