20 Wicked Workstation Setups For SEO Professionals

These days, many companies are adapting the remote working model for their businesses. They are becoming open to the idea that work could be accomplished from home. One of the industries that adjusted to this is the SEO industry.

Together with the flexibility of schedule comes the freedom of customizing your work area the way it works for you. Not all employees are free to do this so if you’re one of the privileged few, you must make the most out of it. Here are 20 workstations to inspire you to design your own:

When one is not enough, it’s time to double the monitor for all your SEO needs. You can check Analytics on the right while simultaneously updating your social media accounts on the left. The dim-lit area is a bonus!

Those who have the luxury to work from home should design their stations this way- a wide space beside the window to swing around in. A comfortable and minimalistic desk relaxes the mind and promotes productivity.

Want an office workstation that looks more like a music studio? Check out the elegance of black that radiates in this modern office nook, perfect for mixing work with play.

Is space a problem? Cut your desk short and mount your monitor on top of a shelf. Choose smaller computer accessories to save that precious space.

A lamp on your desk is not only a great accessory but also a helpful tool to keep you alert and awake. It is a good addition to a clean and organized workspace.

Placing two monitors side by side is a wonderful idea for those who are tech-savvy and do a lot of video editing. Keep all your gadgets close to your workstation like your tablet, phone, and speakers since they are essentials in the kind of work you are doing.

A wireless keyboard and track pad may be the trend today but this workstation is more than that. What makes it an effective station is its location–in front of a window overlooking a splendid view of the outdoors.

Do you want to keep yourself in solitude while working? Then this arrangement is for you. The presence of all your gadgets in a dim-lit corner completes a more relaxed work environment.

Talking to clients on video call will never be the same thanks to a wall with acoustic foams on it. It is not only functional but also adds spunk to a simple office station.

When two isn’t enough, use six! Transform your workstation to an agent-inspired one with multiple screens for all your needs. Complete the scene with a lighting fixture in neon and the Matrix wallpaper.

Why stick with black when you can get away with brown? Use a brown, curvy desk to downplay the intimidating nature of too many monitors on your desk. Make sure it’s always free of mess, too!

Three gigantic 30-inch screens are hot–literally. Do not forget to turn on the air conditioning unit to maintain the cool in your awesome modern workstation.

They say that work should keep a safe distance from the bedroom but this pretty ensemble is a different story. Get energized to check e-mails the moment you wake up thanks to a sleek and chic white station.

A splendid view of the city is what you need to keep busy and explore the outskirts after work. Do not push yourself too hard either and rest your wrist while working.

Be in touch with your inner artist! Keep memo pads and post-its within reach and hang a few photos of what and who inspires you to strive harder.

Life should be a balance of everything. You can pop out games and DVDs from your shelves whenever you want to take a break. A plant is a good accessory to have to keep in touch with the outside world.

You should learn to deal with a small space the right way when you have multiple monitors like these. Avoid feeling stuffy by painting your walls in a bright color. When the light shines on it, you’ll be surprised!

Light-colored wood always balances the dark-colored computer and television parts. Keep things even lighter with a beautiful wallpaper to complement the amber-painted walls.

Books don’t only look good as desk accessories but provide a balance between technology and the old-school. Diffused lighting is also perfect for late-night, last-minute touch ups.

Place your laptop on a slightly-elevated plane to level it with the larger computer monitor. This setup allows more work to be done and more free space for your hands to swing from one keyboard to another.

Which of these work spaces are you excited to recreate? Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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