20 Great Resources for Design Inspiration 2016 –

Designers of any creative art borrow design inspiration from several sources online. Open source community provides most of the designs we find all over. They also contribute to the open source platforms where other designers can access their creative designs. Borrowing from different people and sources prevents monotony. This keeps the followers hooked and excited. The internet provides endless solutions to our existing problems. Solutions are just a click away. This article discusses such life-changing design inspiration resources to help you solve all your design needs, regardless of what kind of a designer you are, so:

Here are 20 Great Sources for Your Design Inspiration

Resumes Espert - for resume inspiration

Sometimes you lose not because you are not good enough, but because your voice drowns in the crowd. This site allows you to design fresh and authentic cover letters and resumes, or breathes new life into old ones by editing and redesigning them. This ensures that they are attractive without losing their professionalism. Just how you need it.

If you’re a web designer, then you should have this site bookmarked. It is one of the collective works which ranks websites daily based on their usability, creativity, design and content. This will keep you up-to-date with all the current and ongoing trends in web design and development.

Smashing Magazine
If you’re of too much noise or irrelevant content, smashing magazine is the site for. The site is simply similar to a one stop shopping mall for all web designers’ content. If you want to keep up with what’s trending in web design world, this site provides an excellent platform for that. It is ideal for all web designers and app developers.

Design Inspiration
This site works similar to Pinterest. The only difference is that it lacks the mason pallet and the DIY furniture found in Pinterest. Search key words, add images to custom collections and even search by color using this extremely amazing design resource. Simply put- the site helps designers come up with rich graphic designs. It can be used by all people regardless of their love for design.

Deviant Art
If you’re looking for rich art for any of your projects, then this site is ideal for you. Whether digital or traditional art, it’s all up there for you. All you have to do is search the site, click the mouse and enjoy rich content that will make your dull day bright.

Though very much similar to Dribble, Pinterest and Designispiration, Behance features much more than these three. It is more concerned with the designer’s portfolios, although its tile layout is similar to these three resources. You can search, like, follow and receive a designer’s notification whenever they upload new content.

Well, this is one of the most amazing sites out there targeting designers. Codrops recognize that web design is all about color, typography and layout interactivity to bring out amazing ideas that could not be expressed by words of mouth. It is packed with tutorials, articles, code, and beautiful live demos that only show how much we can be able to achieve as designers if we put our best feet forward. This is a very helpful tool for all web designers, app developers and front end developers who seek to introduce fresh talents in their UI and UX designs.

Web Designer News
This site updates me on a weekly basis. You will always easily find updates on the new code tricks, design patterns, new software reviews, design freebies and educative professional articles. It is a very resourceful site for anyone interested in keeping up to date with web design and front-end development. Forget the struggles and let web designer news bring the content to you.

This is a collection of some of the best works in design, photography, interactive design, illustration, advertising and typography. This magazine has been an insightful inspiration for many designers. It provides both print and digital subscription options. It is highly recommended for all visual designers who are looking for inspiration from all over the globe to spice up their designs.

Dribble connects designers all over the world. A designer can like, follow and comment on another design from another designer miles away from them. It provides content for design work.

It allows designers to search, organize and curate their content the way they see best.

The Noun Project
This is a simplified way of presenting complex ideas. Designers use custom icon sets and simple symbols to relay this complex information.

square space
Whether you’re looking simple pages, striking galleries, professional blogs, or online stores, Square space is the place for you. Host your site and browse for additional content from other designers using this helpful resource.

Are you always being left out on what’s happening in the design world? Stay updated with all design and advertisement trends using PSFK.


Gather helpful ideas to change your website for the better using this resourceful web design site.

Thanks to FWA, you can now access amazing, creative and technical web designs out there, on a daily basis.

my fonts
This newsletter and archive present web designers with the latest typeface designs and trends.

The site connects upcoming and growing artistes all over the globe.

This resourceful blog is written by web developers. Visit it for insightful tips, tools, tutorials and freebies.

Formed in 2010, the blog continues to inspire designers and add into their knowledge in various areas such as inspiration, CSS, HTML5 and jQuery among others.