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Nowadays having your own website is something that has become a necessity. Therefore all business owners and marketing professionals today have their own website. Suppose you are a CEO in the industry and finding a way that your prospective customers could know more about you, what you have to offer, etc.? Making a good and informative website and company logo is a must for which people will reach you easily.

When you design your website, one important thing you need to remember is that your business is fueled by leads. According to Customerthink.com, an article reveals that the more leads you have, the more potential customers you can convert and interact with, and the more revenue, and profit, you can realize. But you’re thinking how to get all the leads to grow your businesses? Here’re the 10 ways that will guide you in generating more leads from your website design.

Use Responsive Design

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An article published in Myemma.com says that according to a study by the Pew Research Center, almost 90% of Americans own a cell phone, and 45% of those Americans use their phones for web browsing.

When you make a website make sure your website is designed to adapt to your potential customers’ requirements regardless of what device they might be using. In other words, you create a website which is responsive. Responsive design is when you make a site that will adapt to any screen and device. So you need to design a responsive website that can support any device be it a mobile, Ipad or tablet, otherwise, you’ll be facing a hard time keeping visitors intact on your web pages.

Keep Your Website Navigation Simple

Your website should be designed with an easy navigation system. When you create a website you need to consider what your targeted customers might want from your site, then give your best efforts to ensure that the information they want is easily accessible. For gaining credibility, people always need to be able to find everything with no effort. And when they visit your site, they want to get access to any page within two seconds. So don’t forget to give them simple, clear and easy navigation facility.

Add Quality Content

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Most of the visitors to your site check out your blog section. The most amazing method of generating leads from your website is updating quality content on regular basis. By creating engaging content, be it a blog post, video or infographics, you can get visitors interested in getting to know you and about your product. Remember, if your content is great then there’s more of a chance to get shared on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter). This will enable you to put your product or service in front of a lot more customers.

Use Landing Pages

An article published in Blog.hubspot.com reveals that according to a HubSpot survey, companies with 30+ landing pages on their website generated 7X more leads than companies with 1 to 5 landing pages.

Landing pages often concentrate your visitors’ attention on the work that you’re doing. So you need to create even a couple of landing pages that will help you in generating a maximum number of leads from your website. If you don’t do this, you will be losing a ton of leads.

Use Compelling Images That Stand Out

Images are great! They stand out on a website page and get a lot more attention. Don’t forget that you only have 10 seconds to get the attention of a website visitors’ before they hit the back button. So you need to use the most compelling images and also custom logos which will connect them emotionally to your business are required.

Make Your Site Credible With Testimonials

The testimonial is powerful! According to Act-on.com, testimonial is a best way to show how you’ve helped your customers.

You should get a testimonial page on your site that can take your lead generation efforts a step further. People always want a third opinion before buying anything. They only get convinced when they see others happy with the same product which you’re going to purchase. Add testimonials from your valued customers – chances are your lead generating rate will automatically go up.

Identify Your Keywords

It’s essential to understand the relevancy of keywords for your business. Incorporating rich keywords into your website content helps your site become more easily searched. When you design a website make sure you’re using the keywords correctly on your site. If you create a website without any idea of your keywords that means you are just wasting your time and money.

Use Video On Your Website

These days video is appearing higher in search results because most of the people enjoy watching multimedia experiences online. Video also allows you to share your story with the combination of visual images, pictures, sound, and music. According to Videopath.com, an article reveals that truth is video has become a staple in the arsenal of modern marketers and is set to grow in the coming years.

Utilizing video on your web page will help you in getting more leads for your business. If you put a video on your homepage you can get a maximum number of visitors to engage them on your site.

Email Marketing

The foremost thing you need to do is email marketing if you want to generate a better number of leads from your website. You can start doing this by asking for email ids of those who have already done business with you. Most of the businesses don’t touch their client base frequently enough, for this reason, they forget about your business. Emails are powerful which remind your existing clients about your other services. If you want to automate the work flow to send bulk personalized emails to your subscribers, I recommend you to use EngageBay’s marketing automation tool available in the market.

An article published in Blog.hubspot.com declares that according to Forrester Research, companies that nurture their leads see 50% more sales ready leads than their non-nurturing counterparts at a 33% lower cost. Happy emailing!

Make Sure You Create A Thank-You Page

When you design a website don’t forget to create a ”Thank You” page as it helps you to link important sections of your website for supplementary information. By creating a thank you page, you can provide a call to actions to the next step in the buying cycle, encourage them to follow you on social media channels, and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, etc. Another crucial factor of creating a thank you page is you can give back the navigation and also can provide other links to keep the lead engaged.

Final Thoughts

When you create a web design for your business, keep a note in your mind that a website is a reflection of the quality of products or services you provide. So an attractive web design is must because it communicates clear value to visitors goes a long way towards capturing sales. We hope all these ways will help you to squeeze more leads from your site. Good Luck!

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