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A marketing calendar helps you in your preparations, financial estimate and operations which can help you to economize your hard earned money. While redesigning a marketing calendar you must keep in mind upon the usability of the calendar, it should be designed in such a way that functions smoothly for you as well as your entire team. You should not hesitate to alter the calendar as per your requirements. It should help you in synchronizing your entire marketing accomplishments.

It also supports you in economizing your plans and procedures. Moreover, a well-designed and organized marketing calendar provides as a helping instrument instead of being a hard responsibility to execute. A marketing calendar should be simple and can even be made on simple spreadsheets.

However, a variety of marketing and Excel calendar templatesare available to make your calendar look more effective and strategic. Some tips are given below which will help you in redesigning your marketing calendar.


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1.Build a productive strategic goal

You need to create an effective strategic goal to manage all your essential tasks. If your approach is not concrete, the efforts that you have put up will not work out in an effective manner. If you do not have a strategy for your campaign, then you will be clueless upon how to go ahead with the task and what to do in order to complete it concisely. Hence it is very much important to construct your calendar with a proper approach that has to be kept in mind. It enables you to emphasize on the assignments and projects that will help to fulfill your work.

2. Organize the calendar according to your channel

Marketing calendars usually serve the purpose of setting the tasks that are required to be done in the coming days. However, when we start to apply the rules in our work plans, we realize that our working schedules do not run effectively and things get cluttered up with other plans and no aim is achieved. Thus when you build up your own marketing calendar, you need to divide your approach into the channels of marketing. This process will enable you to arrange the entire approach. However, when you set financial plans, you can simply trace the amount of finances being assigned to precise channels.

3. Setting the Calendar right for an easy access

The marketing calendar is not just used by you alone as different persons in your team also access over it. Thus you need to ensure that others can obtain the additional data as well. By making the marketing calendar freely accessible to everyone helps to make the work process hassle free and the entire members of your team can work in smooth manner. For instance, one of the members of your team wants to gain access to the marketing calendar to find out the schedules to be done next month. You need to provide the schedule in the calendar with exact given dates for the convenience of your team members.

4. Build an easy to use and simple looking calendar


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Always ensure that the calendar is simple looking and not too hard to comprehend. It is usually found that people often look for plain and simple calendars which are easier to understand and memorize. When a marketing calendar is designed in a simple and effective way, it is taken in a positive manner. In order to create the perfect and flawless looking marketing calendars, the best way is to go for a marketing calendar template. Several types of templates are available such as email marketing calendar template, blogging editorial template etc. required according to needs.

5. Check your content and keep developing your calendar

In order to make your marketing calendar more useful, you need to be more precise and find out absolutely when and how you scheme to market your products or facilities by using a variety of mediums used for publicity such as internet, print media, radio, promotions or press releases. While putting entries in the marketing calendar you must put all the necessary information related to your project. Hence, it is also important that you spend your time and funds in order to develop your marketing calendar cautiously. When you devote a quality time for building the calendar your marketing tasks are completed ahead on a given specified time.

6. Plan a theme and develop events

You can plan your marketing calendar according to monthly themes, based on the different occasions, seasons, events and holidays that happens the entire year round and you can also create specific promotions, events or sales. Such as on the Month of February you can create sales which are related to Valentine’s Day or on the month of December you can bring out promotions like end of the year sales and gain a lot of target audience. After considering these themes, you can effectively bring out probable marketing events according to your strategies.

7. Conduct a research on the cycle of Marketing

Different industries have different peak intervals when they strategically publicize in marketing their services and products in an assertive and productive manner. By doing a conductive and effective research you can also find out specific time when the other companies are endorsing their products or goods. For example, if your company sells apparels then the ideal time for selling apparels would be any festive occasion when majority of the people buy new clothes and gift apparels to their loved ones, such as during Christmas. In this way you can bring out effective marketing plans to increase the sales of your apparel brand.

8. Make a proper marketing plan


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A marketing calendar can be made in a much effortless manner to reassess the company’s yearly marketing plan. Many large organizations or even small organizations have a yearly plan for marketing which highlights approaches of marketing that will be utilized throughout the year. Though the policies might change but it should condition the purpose of the organization to converse with clients and add to the share of market and create content for marketing. Utilizing an active plan for marketing helps you to create your calendar in a more easy way and help your company to fill in it. However if you do not have any plan for marketing you still can generate an effectual promotional calendar.

9. Use different types of formats

Several types of tools can be utilized to make your marketing calendar and you should find out the best format which suits you and your organization. A few points should be kept in mind for selecting a format, such as formatting the calendar in the form of a spreadsheet that lets you access more data at a period or you can consult any company which crafts marketing calendars according to your taste. You can also do a research on online calendars which offer platforms on emails so that you can post the updates. Such programs help to provide you with notifications that will help to build your marketing calendar.

10. Record your data in the marketing calendar

One of the most important aspect of marketing calendars is to record the data of your company. When you provide more information to your calendar you become more credible and prepared in your marketing plans and reach to more clients.

Thus a marketing calendar plays a key role for making your marketing campaign a success. From designing a marketing calendar template to operating it every day, a well-crafted marketing calendar ensures a smooth business operation when utilized in a perfect manner.

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