10 Great Apps That Make Business Travel Less Stressful


Traveling for business has gotten easier over the years, as intuitive apps have emerged that facilitate many of the time-consuming and annoying parts of the trip. However, the over-abundance of apps can also be quite frustrating and annoying, especially when there are many apps available that are designed to do the same thing, yet you aren’t quite sure which one is the better of the group. And then of course there are plenty of apps that seem like they might be useful, but quickly become unused clutter on your mobile device.

From the multitude of apps useful for travelers and those who frequently take business trips comes this list of ten essential apps that any traveler would be happy to have at their disposal.



This car service app is available in most major cities across the United States and in many other countries as well. Cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than having to rent a car (as well as less expensive), Uberis easy to use and gets you a ride quickly, often notifying you within seconds that a driver is on their way to your location. With the ability to see fare quotes, locations of drivers in the area, and other important information that cab companies cannot offer, it’s no wonder that Uber is quickly becoming the preferred method of travel for many.


Arrived in a city you haven’t been to before and want to know where certain things are, such as restaurants, banks, gas stations, or areas of interest? Simply open up AroundMe, and the app will showcase everything that actually is around you, along with actual distance information and contact details, and directions. It’s a great app that enables you to quickly find anything you might be looking for in any location, anytime.


Chances are you’ll have to be in contact at some point with management or other team members, and while there are a great many online conferencing apps available, the UberConference app appears to be one of the standouts. Ideal for speaking with anywhere from just two individuals to potentially hundreds, it’s also easy to use, and enables you to hold meetings with anyone at any time, wherever they may be so long as they have their mobile device handy. Additionally, this app also has a number of additional features not found in other conference and meeting apps.


When traveling, it can be easy to forget important files and documents, or you might have them stored on your laptop, but only want to bring your mobile device to a meeting. GoogleDocs solves all of those problems by enabling you to not only have easy access to your documents and files from your mobile device, but also allowing you to edit and share them with others.


This app is useful to satiate hunger of a traveler in any new location. This social-media restaurant rating service provides you the most extensive database of restaurants and corresponding reviews. With the help of Yelp app, it is quite easy to search for a local restaurant in a particular category, to review a few high-rated options, and to get directions using the mapping app of your smart phone.


Evernote is a very popular business app, but it also has great applications for travelers. It can be used to photograph receipts, locations, buildings, and other important items of note depending upon what your purpose for travel is, and then those items can be easily stored, organized and shared. It’s also a great way to quickly store links, photos, videos and other items you find on the Internet while browsing on the go, saving them conveniently for later use when you have more time to examine them.


GateGuru app help you view the services available in the most airports by terminal or service type. Most of the airports maps are often difficult to find or do not show services in other terminals. This app lets you view services and offers an occasional discount, such as percentage discount or a free appetizer. It also provides community ratings and reviews, which allow you to find places to eat and occasional discount when stranded at the airport. Some notable features of this app are journey card, airport card, rental car, amenity list view and your travel stats.


If you travel by roads, theniExit is a must-have app for you. Available for both iOS and Android, this app will determine the road you are currently driving on and identify the services at upcoming exits. In addition to this, you can set a series of favorites, both by specific retailers and category. With the help of this app, you can discover great spots for food, hotels, etc. and find great deals at countless places, with iExit exclusive coupons.

Train traveling is often far more convenient and efficient than rental cars or taxis in the major cities. The MetrO app (iPhone/iPad) provides you public transit directions in nearly every major city. In this app, you can easily input starting and destination stations (or select the nearest train station), and this app will provide trains, number of stops between the stations, and transfers.

At the time of traveling, knowing about weather forecast is quite important. WeatherPro app gives you overview of the weather situation in each of your destinations in an elaborate manner. This app features high-quality seven-day forecasts of weather for over two million locations worldwide. Whether you check the weather for your travel as well as sports, or simply to plan your day or the week ahead, this app helps you a lot.

Final thoughts

The above mentioned ten apps will definitely lower down your stress of traveling and will make your travel time enjoyable and memorable. Know of any other apps that you can’t do without when you travel? Feel free to let us know, and also to share this with others that might benefit from knowing about these valuable apps.