10 Genius Interior Design Apps


The development of technology greatly simplifies the life of a person bothin everyday affairs and in professional activities. Nowadays, architects havestopped using paper, pencils and a ruler to create a plan. This process hasbecome much easier, more fun and more productive. All this became possiblethanks to special designapps and programs. Using these tools, you can createthe interior design and layout of the house.

Features of programs forinterior design

Thanks to multifunctional programs for interior design, the user can createa visualization of the house.

Programs have the following features:

  • Creating a plan that is much faster and more convenient than by hand.
  • The selection of materials, their texture, and color.
  • Arrangement of furniture, appliances, fixtures, etc. At the same time, you can change their shape and size.
  • Rendering – the user sees the visualization of the drawn-in 3D volume.
  • Calculation of approximate expenses (estimate).

10 free programs for interiordesign

Now you don’t have to go to the design studio or draw everything by hand tocreate a perfect home. There is a list of the best programs with which you cancreate an interior design.


These are programs for those people who just need to see how best toarrange furniture or perform some other simple functions. They have basiccapabilities, but nothing more. You can work with them in 2D mode.


Free online service. There is real furniture in its catalog. The drawing ofthe room is created in the form of a background on which images are dragged.The layout can be either standard or own.

You can change the texture and color of objects, their scale. There areseveral spatial parameters. There is a PRO account, which has a lot offeatures.


  • real objects of good quality.



Perfect for normal users. The program has a simple interface. It has allthe necessary interior items. They can be easily dragged with the mouse to theroom plan.


  • lightweight and voluminous design creation.


  • when planning, you can use only those items that are in the program;
  • there are practically no variations in sizes, shapes, and accessories (you must additionally download the missing catalogs from the official site).

3. PRO100

The program is intended for the design of furniture, as well as its furtherplacement in a certain interior. Helps to make a list of necessary fittings andmaterials. The user can make details of a product and then export it to cuttingprograms. With its help, it is possible to receive projections with a drawingof sizes and to print out in any convenient perspective. It is possible to work with complexdetails.


  • an easy interface that even an inexperienced user can understand;
  • good 3D visualization;
  • a large number of additional tools that allow you to quickly create an interior according to the necessary parameters, and then place the furniture in it;
  • you can use ready-made modules and create your own;
  • good picture quality, which is as close as possible to the photo. Thanks to this, you can adjust the intensity of lighting, transparency of materials and much more;
  • the ability to calculate the required amount for future work.


  • no set of “bindings”. In other words, markers with which you can mark the center of the subject, the intersection of the line, etc .;
  • user cannot apply edges;
  • there is no possibility of creating a map of additives – drawings, which have a diagram of fasteners or drilling holes in each part;
  • in the free access, there is only the demo version of the program, which does not have such rich functionality as the paid one;


At the verybeginning, the program offers several blanks – country house, hotel, officevisit. At the creation of design, the user can use both a 2D format and pass ina volume mode of display.

There aremany different additions and decorations for the interior of the room –curtains, sofa, chairs and much more.

In additionto creating an interior, the user can adjust the landscape design. For example,placing all the necessary furniture in the country house, he can do theinstallation of the pool, as well as beds near the room. The program has fairlysimple management.


  • many useful tools;
  • the user can work in any mode: either in 2D or in 3D;
  • familiar and easy control;
  • built-in types of premises;
  • an opportunity to create the necessary form of the room.


  • there is paid additional content;
  • takes up a lot of memory;
  • may work poorly and slow down on weak equipment;
  • there is an advertisement;
  • there may be failures when switching between 2D and 3D modes.


This onlineapplication is suitable not only for amateurs, but also for professionals.Among others, it is distinguished by the fact that it contains a large number ofprojects that were created by other users. A person can be inspired by theirwork and create their own masterpiece.


  • a ready-made plan of the apartment is given, and you can also upload your own photo to work with it;
  • the arrangement of furniture is carried out in a three-dimensional image, and not on a plane.


  • free registration is required to save the results.


Theseprograms are intended for architects who need to create the high-qualityinterior design. They are for professionals who do not have enoughfunctionality for ordinary users.


The programis suitable for those categories of people who are used to working the oldfashioned way. The user can create vector plans, images using simple lines:

  • curves;
  • straight lines;
  • arcs;
  • hatching.

The layoutcan be saved to continue working with it in another program that supportsthe file format.


  • versatility for all industries.


  • mistakes are quite common when working with large models;
  • you can’t make engineering calculations;
  • it takes a lot of time to design drawings.


It is agraphic application that is used in the design of architectural andconstruction structures, furniture, landscape elements and much more.

Theapplication has ready elements for designing:


There areadditional plug-ins.


  • natural connection of all parts of the project. The user can work not only with individual elements but also with the whole building.


the highcost of the licensed version of the program. But there is not such amultifunctional version of the utility, which will cost the user cheaper.


Only aprofessional designer can work with this program. The image is very realisticand with good quality. Thanks to this, the customer can see the future exactappearance of his home. For the designer, there are many tools with which hecan create a quality product.


  • a huge selection of tools that are necessary when modeling various architectural projects;
  • there is the possibility of analyzing and adjusting the illumination of a three-dimensional project;
  • the utility has a built-in photo realistic visualizer, thanks to which you can get high plausibility of the calculated image.


  • it will take a lot of time to create a sketch, but the final result is definitely worth it.


This programis popular among novice designers. There is a paid version, in which thefunctionality is more diverse, and free.

Even in thefree version, the user has all the necessary tools to create a high-qualityinterior design in a three-dimensional extension. He can change the layout,arrange furniture, change the size and color.


  • the user can add markups and sizes to finished objects;
  • by means of this program it is possible to design not only a premise but also furniture, the car, landscape design and absolutely everything that is in space in three-dimensional measurement;
  • the finished project can be sent to the network.


  • the free version does not have such a large selection of objects, but they can be downloaded from the Internet;
  • simple shapes and lines are available to the user, however, flat figures are very easily converted into three-dimensional ones.


One of the best professional programs for interior design. With its help,you can create absolutely any interior of a room, and the user can virtuallymove around different rooms, offices. The project can be rotated to better viewit. The designer can easily pick up finishing materials for walls, ceilings,floors, choose windows and doors.


  • a very realistic view of the sketch;
  • the program is easy to use;
  • large and diverse functionality;
  • if the designer does not have time to develop a plan, the libraries have ready-made layouts as well as typical interiors. So the user can take them as a basis and then perfect them, spending less time.


  • the program is large, so it takes up a lot of space on your PC;
  • the computer must have good RAM to work with the utility;
  • it’s great for professionals, but they can’t discover anything new.

Nowadays, to create an interior design, you no longer need to preparedrawings on a paper, just learn how to use special programs. Utilities aredivided into ordinary and professional, for standard actions and expensiveprojects. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, many of them arefree, and some are available online.