10 Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2020 – designrfix.com

Whenstarting a business, one needs to understand that not all plans might bringprofit. Even if the idea is good, implementation can fail. That is why it isvery important to conduct a preliminary study of the market and industry forfuture investments. The upcoming year promises to be even more innovative than2019. Here are some business industries that promise to be in great demand.

IT and Cybersecurity

Theseare the most stable and developing sectors, which will be actively gainingmomentum in 2020. This is due to many factors – from a serious share ofgovernment procurement to the growing needs of a wide variety of businesses.Today, enterprises are aimed at the universal automation of processes. The needfor cybersecurity will also develop because the growth of fraudulent activitiesis inevitable. Thus, if you have the necessary competencies, it is worth payingclose attention to both of these sectors.

Gambling and Scratch Cards online

Anotherpopular industry to invest in is scratch cards online.The share of lotteries and gambling grows as rapidly as 4x times a year. Manygambling establishments go online, and players will use their devices to playmore often each year. It is a very prospective niche for investments in 2020.

Online Education and EdTech

Therealready exist some projects for preschool and school online education. Thereare also various language courses and training programs for Internetprofessions, such as programming, digital marketing, design, and so on. This isthe best business to start 2020, even though theindustry is not yet fully saturated.

Agricultural Sector and Alternative Food

Thepopulation of the Earth continues to grow steadily; therefore, any activityrelated to the development of the agricultural sector has a chance toskyrocket. At the same time, the classic agricultural sector will change, alongwith the direction of creating alternative food. Vegetarian flows are gettingmore popular each year, and soybean produced nutrition will be in even biggerdemand.

Sharing Platforms

Shared economy, or joint consumption, is a modelbased on the idea that the temporary use of products is more profitable thanowning them. The giants in this niche are Uberand Airbnb.Moreover, various services can be shared for profit, as well as things likecars and apartments. The creation of platforms for various kinds of jointconsumption is one of the most fashionable and sought-after Sharing Economicsin the world.


Thisis a team or individual competition based on video games. These competitionsare held both offline and online with broadcasting on the Internet. Suchtournaments attract huge audiences, and prize pools for these games areestimated to be millions of US dollars. This industry might be the most successful business for investors in terms ofsponsorships outcomes.

Organization of Leisure for Retirees

Eachyear, a large proportion of pensioners feel the need for quality leisureservices and daily necessities. This may be:

  • The development of special fitness programs;
  • Organization of tourist itineraries;
  • The creation of ordinary groups by interests andmuch more.

Itis worth paying attention to this segment, as there are still very fewcompanies dealing with this niche.


Thereare a lot of niches in this direction, the development of which will gainmomentum in the coming decades – from 3D modeling to the creation of industrialrobots and drones. Many countries around the globe need serious modernization,so there might also be a large share of government orders. This industry mightbe the best business to start 2020.


Thisis one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In the near future, thegrowth of enterprises working in the field of biotechnology and geneticengineering will continue to rise. The need for 2020 Global Health Care indigital therapy (mobile medicine) arises from a lack of time and an increase inthe number of non- communicable diseases of chronic diseases, especially amongyoung people. However, only specialists with certain skills and competenciesshould enter this area. The rest can try in the field of creating medicalgadgets – this is also one of the best startupbusinesses.

Blockchain Startups

Nowadays,all businesses are going to live with blockchaintechnologies. Penetrating this industry with a startup could be a veryprofitable idea. Establishing blockchain technologies and maintenance forcompanies has a great opportunity to become the bestnew business.


Theupcoming year promises to be very profitable for beginner investors andexecutives. You can pay attention to the ideas above, and conduct additionalresearch to identify more benefits of these industries. Besides, think aboutacting as an investor for already existing businesses. It might also bringsubstantial profits.