10 Awesome Ways To Create a Perfect Landing Page Design –

Visitors (people who visit internet pages) reach your website pages called landing pages by clicking ads like display ad, Google text ad etc. Landing pages are the best tools for gaining maximum conversion rate. This article helps you in having certain tricks under your sleeve for making your landing page design the most productive one. High conversion means utmost probability of changing the visitors of your site into your customers. Implementing the 10 tips given in this article assures you high conversion and in turn immense profit.

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1) Do enough research

Understand your competitors well before creating or selecting landing pages. Find who all among your competitors are earning the best benefits out of landing pages and understand the tools they have used for gaining such high rates of conversion. Knowledge gathering always improves the probability of good results.

2) Understand your audience

The second and most important step is – understanding your audience. You should give first priority to the visitors of your page (who have to be converted into your customers soon), even if you are creating landing pages for your own company’s benefit. Customers are the King. Entertain them and make them happy for gathering the best results. Focus on their needs and place your product as excellent solutions to their needs.

3) Make content powerful & precise

Do not clutter information but present them in the most appropriate manner. Researches in the field of digital marketing have proved that you have only 8 seconds to impress your landing page visitors. Therefore it is highly important to use powerful and attractive headlines, subheads and buttons for forcing your visitors to stay on your page for a long time.

4) Select apt landing pages

There is a trend followed by most of the designers – to use Homepage as the landing page every time. This does not always help! Direct the visitors to different but relevant landing pages that actually help them in accessing the right piece of information that they are looking forward to having.

5) Provide enough tools for conversion in your landing page

Conversion tools must be used to its maximum in your landing pages. The visitors must be able to become a customer of your product easily. You can use buttons in your page that helps customers to buy your products online. Such buttons are much effective that they increase the conversion rate by multiple times.

6) Provide amazing offers

A perk is something that not only children but men of all ages love to have. Offers are always helpful not only in direct selling but also in digital marketing. Hence highlight all related offers in your landing page. There will be only a few customers who can resist such good offers.

7) Select matching colors

Not only contents but also colors used in your landing page play a major role in attracting your customers. Each color leaves its own imprint in the viewer’s mind. Hence, select colors that suit both your website and your products well. Make sure that you access help from professionals to foolproof this job.

8) Use share buttons that are clickable

Many visitors like sharing your products-information to their friends and relatives too once they start loving your products and offers associated with them. Use share buttons in your landing page for helping such visitors to share your product information & coupled links to your landing pages. Design these buttons in such a way that a click on them is enough for sharing. Use self-explanatory texts on the buttons for helping visitors understand the purpose of clicking a button in your landing page.

9) Earn trust of your visitors

Visitors of your landing page will be always ready to get converted into your customer if you are able to win their trust before the initial deal. You can use testimonials as a tool for the same. Your previous client’s experience and their contented words about your company & its products are highly potential tools for reaping good fruits.

10) Track conversion rate

Not only implementing the tips given above but also tracking the conversion rate is as essential as the implementation of above tips. Implement new ideas and tracking conversions helps you to understand those ideas that are powerful and good enough for further application in future.

Above are the 10 valuable methods that are potential tools for introducing you into a positively influencing turning point in your work life via high conversion-volume (from visitors to customers). Implement them and ensure massive business success.

About Writer : Hello all, Myself Vaishali Sharma.I am a Senior Designer at WebProfits.in and Dial4Trade.com . I am Google Ad words certified and a regular contributor to top Digital Marketing and Hospitality blogs.