10 Awesome Articles Focusing On Landscape Photography

Landscape photographs are created in the pursuit of a unsullied, pure depiction of nature that is devoid of human influence. Strong defined landforms, ambient light and weather conditions are the main components of an amazing landscape picture. The boundaries of landscape photography are blurred and now it includes industrial areas, urban settings along with classic nature photography.


Most photographers are inspired by traditional landscape paintings. Seascapes, waterfalls, mountains and coastlines are especially popular in classic landscape photography. From the very beginning to the present time celebrated landscape photographers have been motivated by beauty of nature and by desire to save its pristine purity. Today’s collection of cool articles on landscape photography is created in order to improve your skills and to fill up your knowledge. I hope after learning it your landscape pictures will be more than perfect.

1. Surefire Tips for Photographing Landscapes

This article is about how to make your landscape photographs look like the ones in the magazines. If you feel like your pictures lack something, this article will provide you with a few basic tips. It will be useful for both pro photographers and amateurs.


2. Landscape Photography Tips Part 1: Time of Day, Light, Lure

The author of this article went to the trip in order to understand what he did wrong. Here he shares his own experience. You’ll find some tips on time of day, feeling the lure, storm light and benefits of the photography tour.

3. 7 Reasons to Get my New eBook “Beginner’s Guide to Landscape Photography”

If you are a beginner on landscape photography you have to download this eBook. It’s free and useful. It will teach you to choose right equipment, minimize camera shake, and take advantage of the time of day and will give some hints on using photo filters..

4. 10 Tips for Landscape Photographers

Sometimes you point a camera at a landscape because it’s just beautiful and you want to keep this moment. But it’s a big trap. Simply taking a picture is not worthwhile itself. This article will help you to find a way to engage with a landscape. The tips are based on the personal philosophy of the pro photographer, therefore it’s worth to be learned.

5. How To: Capture the Beauty of Early-Morning Light

If you think that sunrises are prettier than sunsets, this article was written for you. An early morning has its own magic and atmosphere, you just need to see it and to take a right shot. This article will help you with it.

6. Photography Tips for Rain, Mist and Fog

This article is slightly more unique than the rest. If you are ready to push the boundaries of your photography then this post is for you. Here you’ll find a few tips and tricks on how to take pictures in unconventional weather conditions such as rain, fog, hail and mist.

7. The Ideal Aperture for Landscape Photography

Besides techniques and tips you need to have the right aperture in order to take awesome landscape pictures. This issue is not as simple as it seems. So, go ahead and learn how to choose ideal equipment.


8. Photography Tips – How to Shoot Amazing Landscapes

Having a right lens or the proper setup is not enough to get amazing landscape pictures. A picture can have remarkable clarity, but will fail due to lack of composition and content. A few more basic tips on taking a great landscape shot.

9. 10 Tips for Stunning Landscape Photography

This post is about the basic equipment, rules, location, timing, camera settings and processing. But all the dull rules would never replace a passion about landscape photography.

10. Taking Photos in Fog, Mist or Haze

This subject has its specification. Getting a picture in non-standard weather conditions is more difficult, but it gives you a wonderfully moody and atmospheric feel. Therefore it’s worth to give it a try.


As I’ve mentioned above, the thing is in great love to landscape photography. If you have some thoughts or just want to say “hello”, don’t hesitate to use the comment field below.